Our main goal is to implement modern, innovative building projects. All projects performed by SGS GROUP resemble one another in exquisite architecture, flawless execution, unique exterior & interior design and quality, which is undoubtedly very important. Precisely because of these characteristics and experienced, highly-qualified team, SGS GROUP made its name as the leading company in construction industry.



Construction developer SGS Group was established in Georgia and started its operations since 2012. SGS Group is part of international company V.P.S. Group, which was founded in the late ‘80s by ambitious and independent-minded individuals from Europe and the U.S.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

SGS Group has completed numerous large-scale projects in Georgia, one of which is the luxurious and exclusive residential building «Hillside Residence» in Sololaki, Old Tbilisi; This project is unique and is a proud representation of elite housing in Georgia. Furthermore, the portfolio of SGS GROUP is comprised of eight buildings of Supermarket chain «FRESCO», all of which are distinguishable with the exterior that is well-adapted and harmonized to the surrounding environment.

Since its foundation, V.P.S Group has planned and implemented various complicated projects. For further information please visit «Completed Projects».

SGS GROUP is ready for new challenges and currently is in the process of developing numerous noteworthy projects, one of which is «VILLA FRESCO». For further information please visit  «Current Projects». 

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